Who We Are

Hello & welcome to Mummy & Me. We are Catherine & Laura, two mummy’s who share a love for small business, motherhood and community!  Mummy and Me is a celebration of each of these things, combined with our love of shopping of course. What started as a one off event has now become a bustling business in its own right.

If you are a Northern Ireland based small business we would love to have you in our Collective community, you can sign up here. You can also keep an eye on our Instagram page and blog to apply for future events.

I’m Catherine, 80% stay at home mummy to my two beautiful girls, Susanna and Connie, 18% business head and 2% cleaner, cook, maid and coffee house dweller. I left my job in Business Development to raise a family and join forces with my entrepreneur husband, Mark. I never saw myself as a creative or business type but over the past few years these have both become passions of mine. I love giving local brands an extra platform and championing mums in business in particular. I love photography, geeking out over business strategy and helping people find their passion! My faith plays a huge part in my work as well as my ordinary life and I walk prayerfully into every opportunity that presents itself. I like to look on the bright side at all times and fully believe that with a bit of hard work and a lot of passion you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

I’m Laura, mummy to Jake, Alfie and Gracie. Being a mummy to these three is the most rewarding job in the world and having children was 100% my passion and dream growing up. I had other hopes and dreams but being a mummy topped them all. I trained to work with children for three years but ended up working with the elderly for just over 11 years. I studied various courses with Open University during this time, though none of them were related to business. I have a passion for shopping, just like a lot of us and that, combined with my family is what brought me to Mummy & Me. Supporting local business & creating a community of women has been an amazing journey and one that is only really getting started. I love taking photographs, catching the right angle and making a person or object part of a story. That passion has always been there but has really been pushed to the front in recent years.