Ivy & Gold

A business born in Lockdown

It’s fair to say 2020 threw us all a major curveball, but for some, it was even more of a life change than others. Today we kick off our Small Business Series with a mum of one who used lockdown as an opportunity to create a new path that would outlive the pandemic. Introducing Erinn from Ivy & Gold, over to you Erinn;

Hello, I’m Erinn.

Ivy&Gold started as an outlet for me while I navigated becoming a mum to a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis during a global pandemic. Two things I never even considered would be on the cards for me as a new mum.

When I left my job as a journalist to go on maternity leave I had no idea what was in store for the first year of my baby’s life. Ivy was born in September 2019 and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was two weeks old. Suddenly my plans to go back to work full time seemed impossible.

All the determination and ambition I felt towards my role at the BBC pretty much melted away knowing my baby would need me even more than I had originally thought. Five months later, while I was still on maternity leave, the first wave of the pandemic meant we were all told to stay at home. Because of Ivy’s health we had to shield – that meant we couldn’t even go to the local shop.

At this point I had already made myself a bracelet with her name on it and a few for friends, but when lockdown hit the business really took off. I spent every one of Ivy’s nap times and every night after she went to bed making bracelets – there wasn’t much else to do. It was extremely therapeutic for me and was a welcome distraction during a scary time.

By the end of my maternity leave I knew I wanted to pursue the business full time. Because of everyone who has supported me I am able to work from home with my daughter, perform her treatments and most importantly enjoy much more time with her and for that I am so grateful.

You can shop Erinn’s beautiful personalised bracelets via the Ivy & Gold website, and don’t forget to click follow on Instagram.

All about the Bracelets

each one is lovingly handmade to be unique to you

  • Size – Our bracelets come in standard small, medium and large sizes, but we’re very proud to offer custom sizes too. So whether you have a teeny tiny wrist, or you struggle to find bracelets that are big enough, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Personalisation – What’s important to you? Is it your baby’s name? Maybe you want matching BESTIE bracelets for you and your friend? Or maybe you’ve just got married and want to show off your new initials on honeymoon. Whatever it is, I can make it for you.
  • Materials – We use gold filled and sterling silver beads in our bracelets. Gold filled beads are more durable than gold plated or gold vermeil products and won’t peel or tarnish as long as they are properly cared for. 

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